NexThreat Receives HUBZone Certification

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NexThreat has been certified as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) company by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). This certification recognizes NexThreat's commitment to creating jobs and stimulating economic growth in underprivileged communities nationwide.

The Federal government established the HUBZone program in 1998 to promote economic development and employment growth in economically distressed areas. Companies that meet specific requirements, such as being located in a HUBZone and having at least 35% of their employees reside within the designated area, can become HUBZone certified. This certification enables these businesses to compete for federal contracts and receive preferential treatment when bidding on contracts.

NexThreat is based in a designated HUBZone and has demonstrated our commitment to employing residents of the economically disadvantaged community where we operate. NexThreat has been working closely with local workforce development programs to recruit, train, and retain skilled cybersecurity professionals, providing them with stable, well-paying jobs.

By achieving HUBZone certification, NexThreat will now have increased access to federal contracting set-aside opportunities. This will enable NexThreat to further expand our operations and create more jobs in HUBZone areas, contributing to the overall economic development of these regions.

The HUBZone certification represents a significant milestone for NexThreat, reflecting our ongoing dedication to social responsibility and economic empowerment. As the company continues to grow and develop our innovative cybersecurity solutions, we remains committed to supporting underserved communities and fostering economic growth.