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for Vast Networks

At NexThreat, increasing efficiency in government contracts is central. Your network can begin extinguishing its cyber-security fires tomorrow! Malicious software, unauthorized access, and data breaches will go bye-bye. NexThreat strategies are proven to reduce these risks and protect the client's assets. With ongoing monitoring, patching, and updating of your systems, as well as data encryption, everything in your network stays secure.


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70% Reduction in False Positives

4-5X Increase in Use Cases

35% Increase in Overall Efficiency

75%+ Reduction in Duplicate Records

Whether your agency holds private, sensitive, or classified information, NexThreat ensures nothing gets in or out without authorization. We protect both the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

• Compliance - Government agencies must comply with legal and regulatory requirements, including cybersecurity standards set by NIST and the National Security Agency (NSA).

• Safer Systems - Safeguard your agency's system and data from malicious attacks with NexThreat's security solutions.

• Safer Data - Ensure that your data remains safe and secure and is not compromised by data leaks.

Our Story

About Our Founder

Ruben Gavilan began NexThreat after an impressive military and government career. At just 17 years old, Ruben Gavilan entered the United States Navy as a cryptologist. His unique background includes work with defense contractors, law enforcement agencies, and large corporations, including Visa Inc. and Morgan Stanley.


Mr. Gavilan delivers exceptional data protection services to its partners through offensive cyber activities such as network infiltration or external surveillance.

He had been instrumental in leading numerous efforts within the US government's DEFEND program. Most notably, he oversaw Enterprise Architecture and Data Management activities related to EPA, DOE, NFS, and HUD, among others. In addition, he was responsible for data integrity management involving SIEM technologies.

Mr. Gavilan has been a member of AFCEA since 2017 and was selected to join the Small Business Committee in 2020. He helps increase membership growth and adds value to existing members and their respective companies.

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NexThreat is devoted to creating robust, accurate, sustainable products for our customers. Our approach ensures your company's successful future by delivering high-quality services custom-tailored to each client's needs and specifications.


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At NexThreat, we understand that security is personal; it's not just about protecting your company's data but also your reputation. If something happens because you didn't take the proper precautions, your hacking story may live through a news cycle.

That's why we always put your needs first by providing solutions that fit your budget and meet your specific requirements.