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NexThreat offers an array of services to help organizations manage their sensitive data. We're a partner you can depend on. The reality of today's cyber-threat environment requires sole dedication to protecting private data and expertise in privacy compliance, data analysis, and cloud migration.

This is how we do it: A security team with engineers and intelligence experts is coordinated to use advanced data mining and analytical techniques from advanced AI that detects failures and vulnerabilities, forcing attackers into advanced frustration and sending them on their way. Then, where possible, we track and report their activity.

We know your company has its core function, and through all of our security operations, you will have the flexible digital environment you deserve. With NexThreat Compliance Automation, enterprises can be secure and comply with new regulations without sacrificing platform performance.


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Teaming on Government Contracts

It is not only your IT department's responsibility to manage sensitive data and ensure your organization is secure; it is a shared responsibility. If your security posture is not as tight as it needs to be, your data is likely at risk of breach or loss and could result in severe consequences for your company. To help close the gaps in your security posture and ensure your organization is secure at all times, hire an expert with the right experience and insights to meet your security needs.

Balancing the need to protect sensitive data with innovation and providing a better customer experience is critical today. To do this, an organization needs to ensure a secure security posture by finding gaps before they become issues and closing them before it's too late.


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At NexThreat, we understand that security is personal; it's not just about protecting your company's data but also your reputation. If something happens because you didn't take the proper precautions, your hacking story may live through a news cycle.

That's why we always put your needs first by providing solutions that fit your budget and meet your specific requirements.